Castle crush hack unlimited gems generator

Castle crush hack unlimited gems generator
Our trick of cheating goes through the use of an online generator. This tool takes advantage of a server flaw to allow you to get gems for free on Castle Crush. Before you access it, please watch the video example below in order to understand the procedure to follow imperatively to be sure not to pay anything at all. Then click on the button below the video to access the generator.

maxresdefault-1Castle Crush Hack Gem Generator


This article is divided into two parts. 1. Presentation of our cheat tip to get gems for free in Castle Crush. 2. Test and review on this mobile game.

But what is this generator? How does it work? To make it simple, our generator takes advantage of a flaw of the game servers to simulate purchases of gems. When you use our generator, it makes you believe that a purchase is actually being made. The game sends you the resources to your account, while in reality you will not have spent a single penny to get them.
In addition, we have made it possible to make the use of our generator a lot easier. To do it works you just have to choose the amount of gems you want to get, get your nickname into play or your email address linked to your playstore/AppStore account … and that’s it! We will never ask for your password because our generator goes through a server fault and does not need it to act.


And why provide this Castle Crush cheat for free? Because we’re tired of the pay to win games. We are tired of the imbalance in this type of game that takes advantage of the frustration of the players to push them to buy. As for royal Clash, Castle Crush works with a card system to unlock and evolve. A player who has gems is really advantage.
By providing this cheat for free we hope to rebalance a bit the game and above all, allow those who do not have the means to buy gems, to really enjoy the game.
It’s a win-win for you and for us. Using our cheat, you help us fight the games pay to win, and you get gems for free. Everybody’s happy.


Is it risky for my Castle crush account to use this cheat technique? The question is legitimate, and the answer is simple: No. Simply because our cheat works in a totally new way, and especially completely undetectable. Our generator works thanks to a server fault, which in addition to making it completely invisible, also has the advantage of not requiring to jailbreak or root your smartphone or tablet. No need to change source files. In short, it works in a totally independent way.
That is why we can tell you at 100% that you are not taking any risks using our generator.


Why do gems make CASTLE CRUSH PAY TO WIN?


The gems, the premium currency of this game, unfortunately makes the game completely unbalanced. As in all these games that work with a chest and card system, the power input brought by the gems is far too big compared to a freemium player. Here are some advantages related to gems:


Exchange your gems for gold. The gold mainly allows you to buy the cards available in the shop, and pay for the improvements of the cards of your deck.
Buy the available safes from gems. And especially the mythical chest that contains 180 cards, including at least 6 epics and 36 rare. How to quickly improve your deck.
Instantly complete the opening of the safes you unlock at the end of the game.
No need to say much more so that you understand why gems are ultra important and especially, why the overall balancing of the game is skewed because of the in-app purchases related to gems.


That is why we really hope that you will enjoy our cheat and that it will help you to play equal weapon against unscrupulous players who do not hesitate to pay to feel stronger in a mobile game.


Presentation and TEST of CASTLE CRUSH Generator


Tip Castle Crush hack will greatly remind you royal Clash. Indeed the concept is more than similar since you have a deck system, troops to reap through cards obtained in chests, improve maps and of course fight in an arena.


Among the changes: no towers and cannons, a view on the side, and 3 possible lines of attacks.


Your goal: to explode the opposing castle thanks to the troops that you will send in combat via the energy system (with the appearance of crystals) that go up during the game. The maximum number of crystals evolves over the course of the game. Hence the need to have a balanced deck containing inexpensive cards for the early game, and more expensive cards for the midgame.
You can now have this free resources, visit our official web generator and generate gems and gold

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