As always, our article will be divided into two parts: 1. Introducing our cheat tip to get gems for free on CATS Crash Arena Turbo Stars, 2. Discovering this mobile game completely crazy.




Our trick of cheating is actually an accessible online tool that will allow you to get gems for free. To access it, start by use the generator below in order to know the procedure to not pay anything at all. Then go to the generator by clicking on the button generate now.


Take a look at this article to understand how to play with full resources and pay nothing.
CATS Crash Arena Turbo Stars generator


How does this cheat work? We take advantage of the use of a server fault to allow us to simulate purchases on the game shop. By doing this the game believes that you have made a purchase, gives you the gems for free, while in reality you have not spent a single penny.
To make the cheat work, this is very simple, you choose the amount of gems you want to get, then you enter your nickname, and you validate the procedure. The cheat takes care of everything. Obviously we will never ask you for a password or anything. Our cheat works through the operation of a flaw and not through file changes. So we don’t have to connect directly to your account.


Why provide this cheat for free? Because we’re tired of the pay to win games. And unfortunately, CATS is an excellent game, but also a very big pay to win. Because of the gems the game becomes completely unbalanced, and this is what ruins the user experience a bit. By providing this cheat for free we hope to allow everyone to be able to play the game on an equal ground. Plus using our cheat you help us fight this type of game. It’s a win-win.


Is it risky for my CATS account? Absolutely not I reassure you. Our cheat trick works in a totally new way. Indeed, the fault operation is completely unknown to date since the majority of cheats work by modifying game files. Therefore our technique is totally undetectable and invisible to the game. So you’re not risking anything by using our cheat tool. It’s time to do the full of resources!


Why CATS is PAY to WIN because of gems?


You’ll soon notice, CATS, like many games, works with a box system. In these boxes you get parts or bodies to make your war machine. And of course, in boxes that can be bought with gems, you are very fortunate to have the most powerful pieces of the game.


But that’s not all, indeed when you get free boxes, you have to wait to get the coins that there is inside. But in addition to that, the free boxes rarely have the very good parts. And fills all this up, you can open them one by one. Obviously you have the option to watch advertisements to speed up a little time, but hey, watch full of affiliate pubs to open the crates, it’s really the horror … Once again, gems make the game unbalanced because they allow you to instantly open the boxes.


Gems can also be converted against coins if you miss it to make a merger for example, finally, gems can allow you to recover your bet if you lost a wager … it would be a pity to lose a piece you have put into play and You really cared about!


You will understand, the gems make the game completely unbalanced. And in a game like this, or the skill does not matter and that everything is played on luck and especially the fact of having the most powerful war machine. No choice, by paying gems you will have great chance to win your matches and climb in the ranking and in the competition.


So don’t wait anymore, take full advantage of our cheat, it’s there for that!
CATS Crash Arena Turbo Stars hack


Presentation of the game cats the game where the little cats are tapping on them with more powerful war MACHINES than the others …
Cats for Crash Arena Turbo Stars is a game developed by ZepToLab, famous especially for his games Cut The Rope and King Of Thieves.
In a world always offbeat but cute, CATS gets the torch, and will propel you into robots fights worthy of the famous robot Wars Battle show.
Prepare for the battles of the modern gladiators, fight with your robots and try to win the victory to climb in the standings.
Attention CATS is completely addictive. We quickly find ourselves watching the games chain up and spend a lot of time optimizing his war machine, making mergers and trying to improve our parts with the bets.
The game is very very well thought out. There’s everything to please and make the game really great, whether it’s the graphics that tear, the fun and fun aspect of the game, and simply the super competitive appearance with the world ranking and the league system. You can even put yourself on the face with your friends thanks to the Facebook connection. So don’t wait any longer, it’s time to start the battle and destroy everything on your way.
Some tips in bulk
Do not put your biggest coins to bet if you don’t have gems to recover them in case of defeat.
Test your new machines in championships rather than dueling (not to lose your winning streak).
Try to chain the duel wins to get a crown on your crates to open. Each crown gives 1 star in addition to one of the pieces of the box.
Pass the matches or you’re on to lose in a duel with the button at the bottom right. It will cost you a few coins, but it is better than losing your series.
Look at the machines of others and copy what seems to be the most optimized.

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